The dosimetry laboratory staff is the key to high performance. Training of the dosimetry laboratory staff is not just a standard requirement or a regulatory authority requirement, it is the quintessence of success. The way we ensure traceability, interpret the results of type tests, assess uncertainty, evaluate the performance of lab results – are all questions that we can answer together. The curriculum is set according to the specific training needs and follows the requirements of the specific international norms and standards.

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Providing good, accurate measurements, as required by dosimetry normes, implies, in addition to implementing quality assurance procedures, rigor and attention to detail. We can assist you in the application process for accreditation of the dosimetry laboratory, clarifying all aspects related to the implementation of  ISO 17025 requirements in the activities of an individual dosimetry laboratory.

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The volume of data in an individual dosimetry lab is particularly high. You can keep it under control using a dedicated software to manage all the information flowing from the dosimetric monitoring process. We offer a solution that harmoniously combines the science of dosimetry and IT architecture, a solution that meets all the requirements and needs of a dosimetry laboratory: data management, dosimeters management, control of correction factors, control of reader parameters, generate dosimetry reports and more .

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Do you want to improve the quality of the results provided by your dosimetry laboratory? We offer you our expertise and support for performing type tests for the type of dosimetry system used in your lab. Irradiation of dosimeters is performed in laboratories of the IAEA-WHO Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory Network.

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